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  • Rediscover What Really Makes You Happy

    Reconnect with Your True Purpose and Self

    Get Closure On What's Holding You Back

  • Ready to live your one, wild and precious life to the fullest!

    I hope you are saying yes, because each one of us, and that includes YOU, deserves to live an amazing life. 

    One of the challenges we all face is living in a world that is in constant motion.  The incessant busyness and the idea ingrained in us that this is what a productive successful life looks like – a never ending to-do list – every moment of every day scheduled.

  • How can we create a fulfilling, fun and exciting life if we never stop moving? If we are never quiet enough to ask the questions and turn inside to find the answers.  

    And, I mean really stop – be quiet – take a deep breath – what I affectionately call a power pause.  

    So now we are aware that we need to take a Power Pause – to demand the time to just stop and breath.  We must have this if we are to truly live our life – not just go through the motions like a bunch of zombies!

    Now that we have paused it is time to take the most important step in changing our lives, which is gaining Clarity.

    CLARITY is the 1st and most important step in creating the life you dream of. 

    Clarity provides direction.  Clarity means there are no more secrets and there is no more wondering why you hold back, procrastinate, or even sabotage yourself when it comes to your relationships, your health and your overall happiness!

    Clarity allows you to create your life not just fumble along. 

    We say we want better health, loving relationships, more security and more joy. These words dance easily off of our tongues. 

    But…and this is a big BUT…something is missing!

    CLARITY!  Until you are crystal clear about what you really want it is extremely unlikely that you will ever get it.  That means you need to go beneath the surface and discover the details like what it would look like if you had it, how would your life change, what would it feel like?

    Saying you want better health or more loving relationships is like making a sandwich with only bread.  It’s what is in between those slices that make the sandwich come alive, have you salivating, yearning for the first bite, the taste, the satisfaction!

    You need to see it, feel it, and touch it!  If it is a loving relationship maybe it’s feeling your body soften and your heart opening.  If it is better health perhaps it is waking up energized or seeing your self in the mirror and smiling! 

    Clarity is what paints in the details and is the compass that sets the direction.  It is not the journey or solution but without it you will never create what you want in life. 

    Clarity really is that important!

    This is my passion!  Helping women become crystal clear about what they want and then helping them discover and clear the blocks that are getting in their way.  

    Are you ready to become your most amazing self! 

    If so, I encourage you to sign up for a FREE Clarity Session right now.

    In order to live your one, wild and precious life to it’s fullest you need the clarity of where you are and where you are going.  I’ll help you clarify your goals so you know exactly where to focus your energies to help shift the blocks that are keeping you from getting there. 

    I’ll ask you the same tough question I asked myself many years ago.

    If you don’t make any changes today where will you be six months or a year from now? 

    Honor yourself - Be brave – Take the next step!

    Click Here to Book Your FREE Clarity Session

  • Kind Words...

    "I loved your explanation about the vows of loyalty and rebellion!  I see now that my sabotage is connected to my rebellion.  I kept wondering why am I so stuck and you answered it so clearly." - Danielle


    "I want to thank you for your insights and your responsiveness.  You are great at holding up the mirror for me, Colleen!" - Pam 


    "Even though I do a lot of personal development work I find that it is really good to have some help.  A coach helps me become clearer, dig deeper and provide validation.  I have more inner confidence to keep going.  You provide a push when I need it and a place of safety and support." - Lisa 


    "Gratitude for making me stop and take stock about how I want to spend my time.  Not just the moment but for my life!" - Lori

  • Life Empowerment Coach - EFT Practitioner - Money Coach

    I spent over twenty-five years in Corporate America and found that it was the deep personal work I submersed myself in that helped clarify my own passion and purpose, and gave me the clarity to leave and begin my own business.  Now I specialize in inner transformation that helps others clarify where they are, where they want to be and the roadmap to get there.  What has been my life, is now my mission and I have created an exciting business using the exact techniques I have personally used to transform my own life.

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