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  • It All Began.....

    As a child I took on the role of being the good girl, the helper, the quiet one.  Usually I ran way under the radar.  My father would tell the story of finding me sitting all alone on the stairs holding my doll while chaos brewed all around me. 

    I took this role into my adulthood (if you can call 17 being an adult) – always trying to do what I thought others wanted me to do. So at 17 I married right after graduating high school believing this was the next step I was supposed to take. 

    When my marriage dissolved after seventeen years I experienced one of those profound moments that shakes us at our core. The first weekend I was alone without husband or children was when I experienced silence – a pause – and in that pause realizing that I did not know who I was.  Let me be more specific – who Colleen was at the soul level – not the labels of mother or wife that she wore.  Terrifying!

    On the Run

    Sometimes we run away from scary stuff thinking that it will be easier than confronting that big hairy beast!  So that is what I did, packing my bags and moving to start a new life.  But wait!  Not only did I pack my clothes, pots, and pans but also unknowingly I packed all my fears, limiting beliefs, and everything that made up the old Colleen! 

    Well, all of us were now sharing a very small one-bedroom apartment.  Me, my fears, my limiting beliefs and thoughts – you aren’t good enough, you’ll never be a success, you can’t make it on your own, you just aren’t smart enough and on and on and on.  It got pretty crowded, almost suffocating!  Then the worst 18 months of my life began.

    There were financial challenges, health challenges, a car accident, and abusive relationship to name a few.  I was sad, lonely, and terrified of my life never changing!  So here is what I did.  I took what I now affectionately call a Power Pause. I stopped and took a long deep breath and asked myself if this is how I wanted the next 20 or 30 years of my life to be.  I made a decision in that dark moment to do something about it and life has never been the same.

    How I Did It!

    I discovered that one of my strengths is getting back up when I am knocked down and insisting that there has to be some kind of gift in the middle of all this ugly stuff!  My life was not meant to be spent suffering!

    The way I began to find peace and healing was to give myself space and compassion.  To be ok with where I was and who I was in the moment.  My own conscious pursuit began and I dove into works by all the masters of spirituality and personal development. I discovered that joy was not something that could be forced.  This work is a process not only towards natural happiness, but also toward eventual trust of the strongest sort.  Trust in yourself.

    The tools I learned to use are powerful and were instrumental in transforming my life in unimaginable ways!  The life I had almost given up on started to appear like the fog slowly lifting to reveal what was there all along.  Now I get to share these incredible tools with other women (and men) so they can take the shortcut rather than the long scenic route like I did!

    The strength of my message is that I found peace of mind in the midst of chaos, and eventually integrated a way to do it with humor, love, and joy.  My mission, my passion lies in helping other women learn how to do the same.

    The biggest discovery I made was this; in order to allow our true authentic self to shine we need to go within.   To do that we need to take a power pause - be quiet – quiet enough to hear the whispers of our soul. 

    Be brave – step out – shine your brilliance!