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  • House Of Mirrors

    It’s summertime, a time for swimming, picnicking, fairs and festivals!

    Do you remember going to the fair and walking through the house of mirrors?  As you walk through the maze of mirrors you see your reflection distorted in some really peculiar ways! 

    Oh My!  Is that REALLY Me?

    I am likening the house of mirrors to the way old patterns and beliefs distort the way we see our self.  

    Only unlike the house of mirrors we tend to believe this vision of our self.

    Why is this coming up for me?  

    I'm realizing an old vow is distorting how I view my own life.

    One minute you are squashed short and wide and another tall and thin.  And yet another with bug eyes and giant head!

    It is a belief that life, or at least my life, has to be a struggle.  It's about needing to work really hard, lots of hours, going it alone, never enough time .... that kind of struggle.

    I have peeled away many layers of this vow over the years, yet it continues to find ways to appear.  These vows and beliefs can be sneaky, pesky and extremely subtle! 

    I’m sure many of you have some of your own, which is why I am sharing.  

    You are not alone! 

    Here is one way it is subtly showing up - in my writing. You see, I promised myself that I would write a blog post every other week, as in 14 days.  It is now 31 days since my last one! 

    Here is where making choices and taking responsibility comes in.

    I decided I could continue to beat myself up as I procrastinated or I could sit myself down and ask the question, why?

    I could also be honest with you or just pretend it hasn’t been that long.  We always have a choice even if neither is what we’d prefer.

    Somehow in my mind I have formed a belief that writing this needs to be hard, take a lot of time and potentially set me up for judgment and self-doubt.  

    All things I want to avoid. 

    When I become aware and take responsibility I get to CHOOSE which I want – struggle or ease.  As crazy as it seems I’ve been choosing struggle and even crazier is that it’s the easier choice to make.

    It's an old friend that I know so very well.  It's been with me for decades!

    I’m not saying that making a choice is easy.  Like anything you just keep taking baby steps towards awareness and choice.

    I believe this is all part of being human.  

    We are constantly in the ebb and flow of life.  If we embrace it and remember we always have a choice, the ride can be a lot more fun!

    We make mistakes, create new stories, and hopefully continue to evolve and grow.

    I believe this is key because having a choice gives us a sense of power.

    It’s your choice.  Feel empowered or powerless?

    I’ll end with a note from Neale Donald Walsh.  If his words are hard to take in I encourage you not to discard them, rather let them sit and ruminate for a bit.

    ...no one does anything they do not want to do.

    You always have a reason--and usually, a pretty good one--for doing what you are doing and choosing what you are choosing. Be careful not to convince yourself that you are doing something against your will. Such a thing is impossible.

    Therefore, be honest with yourself as to why you are choosing to do a particular thing. Then, do it gladly, knowing that you are always getting to do what you want.

    The statement "I have no choice" is a lie. You can choose.  You simply do not prefer the alternatives available to you, for whatever reason. So you select the outcome that you most prefer.  Isn't that power?

    Much love, Colleen

    Be Bold.  Be Brilliant.  Be YOU!