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    What clients and students are saying....

    "I’ve done a lot of tapping over many years in a group setting. Working directly with a coach like Colleen is so much more powerful and effective. She can get you to name the particular parts of your story that mean something only to you.  That’s where the magic really happens. Thank you Colleen. This was priceless."  Linda Kaun - Indonesia

    "My experience with Colleen and EFT was powerful!... and fascinating because I have no idea HOW this works. But between the tapping and Colleen’s deft questioning, I was able to uncover themes from when I was a child to challenges I work on now.  These were connections I'd never seen before, and the resulting clarity is emotionally freeing.  I highly recommend this experience to anyone who genuinely wants to grow away from a challenge that holds you back.”  Heather - Vermont 

    "I am very grateful for Colleen’s coaching and the tapping technique that I learned through her guidance. Her light-hearted yet deeply insightful approach has helped me to peel back layers, release unhelpful patterns and move forward in my professional and personal journey of fulfillment. She is a woman of integrity, compassion and fun and I can recommend her unequivocally.  Gerette - Vermont    

    "Working with Colleen has been life-changing and given me the tools necessary to be the best version of myself.  Our weekly sessions are the highlight of my week and I always find myself on a natural high after our talks.  Colleen has a special way of asking the hard questions and calling you out in the most loving way possible.  If you are feeling stuck or want to just continue to evolve as a person, communicate better and be the best friend, partner, parent you can be, I highly recommend Colleen.  She is an amazing coach and have the utmost respect for her work."  Annie - New Jersey

    "What an amazing tapping round! I went from feeling intense sadness, guilt, and worthlessness to feeling positive, peaceful and hopeful.  I also found that I had so much more compassion for myself and an understanding that I have always done the best I could. I found it so much easier to forgive and let go."  Marie - Vermont

    "Anyone who wants to make changes in their life could benefit from this program! Really appreciated your honesty, engagement and the way you made me feel important and beautiful from day one!"   Nikki - Vermont

     "Your class was better for me than hormone replacement therapy!!!   Susan - Vermont

    "I used to obsess over this for days but this time I tapped on what I was feeling and it totally shifted!  It was so exciting to get out of that pattern!"   Ken - New Jersey

    "Even though I do personal growth work it is really good to have some help.  Your coaching helps me become clearer, dig deeper and provide validation.  I have more inner confidence to keep going.  You provide a push when I need it and a place of safety and support."   Danielle - New York

    "You have helped me trust my intuition and myself more than I ever have.  I am finally learning to love all of me and quiet those inner voices that used to take me down!”    Soleil - Florida

    "I've been telling myself I am not enough and am finally realizing deep down that isn't true – I am enough! I just stepped out and applied for several positions, which I would not have done before our last call!  Thank you for the clarity, Colleen!"   - Michael - Vermont

    "Since taking this class I am becoming more in sync with my body and am finally happy in my own skin!"   Mary - Vermont

    "This whole program was wonderful and I thoroughly enjoyed it! I got so much out of it!"   Sue - Vermont